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Information for students retaking a foreign language course or taking a foreign language course to cover curricular differences



Before enrolling in a foreign language course, students should:


  1. Obtain consent to retake the language course from the Director of the Institute.
  2. Become acquainted with their current timetable.
  3. Find a language group on the USOSweb website, the date of which will not conflict with other classes.
  4. Contact the office of the Language Centre of Cracow University of Economics by e-mail to sign up for a specific group.


Attention ! students who retake semester 1 or 3 enrol in classes in the winter semester, and those who retake semesters 2 or 4, should enrol in the summer semester.


Additional information (point 3)


In order to find a suitable language group:


  1. In the web browser, enter the following website address: Quick start - DIRECTORY - UEK then select the "DIRECTORY" tab from the top menu
  2. In the "Course search" search engine, enter the name of the course, eg CJ-S1-2/4-ENG.B2


S1 stands for full-time 1st cycle (S2 full-time, 2nd cycle,SM courses for students of law)

2/4 stands for 2nd year 4rd semester (1/2 is 1st year 2nd semester)

ENG -  stands for English; SPA stands for Spanish; GER stands for German; PLO Polish for foreigners (here we enter the first 3 letters of the language we are interested in)

B2 refers to the language level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1)

  1. After opening the next window, find Classes in period "Summer semester 2022/23" (at the bottom of the page), in the type of class, select "more information", another page opens with the current list of language groups.
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