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Information for students retaking a foreign language course or taking a foreign language course to cover curricular differences



Before enrolling in a foreign language course, students should:


  1. Obtain consent to retake the language course from the Director of the Institute.
  2. Become acquainted with their current timetable.
  3. Find a language group on the USOSweb website, the date of which will not conflict with other classes.
  4. Contact the office of the Language Centre of Cracow University of Economics by e-mail to sign up for a specific group.


Attention ! students who retake semester 1 or 3 enrol in classes in the winter semester, and those who retake semesters 2 or 4, should enrol in the summer semester.


Additional information (point 3)


In order to find a suitable language group:


  1. In the web browser, enter the following website address: Quick start - DIRECTORY - UEK then select the "DIRECTORY" tab from the top menu
  2. In the "Course search" search engine, enter the name of the course, eg S1 2/4 ENG B1


S1 stands for full-time 1st cycle (S2 full-time, 2nd cycle,SM courses for students of law)

2/4 stands for 2nd year 4rd semester (1/2 is 1st year 2nd semester)

ENG -  stands for English; SPA stands for Spanish; GER stands for German; PLO Polish for foreigners (here we enter the first 3 letters of the language we are interested in)

B1 refers to the language level (A1, A2, B1, B1 + B2, C1)

  1. After opening the next window, find Classes in period "Summer semester 2022/23" (at the bottom of the page), in the type of class, select "more information", another page opens with the current list of language groups.
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